What Should You Look For In An Office Removalist?


If you are relocating your business to a new address, then the likelihood is that you will need an office removalist to help you. Very small enterprises, perhaps with one or two employees only, can sometimes undertake such work themselves. However, as soon as you start to consider moving IT equipment, office desks, old filing cabinets full of papers and even things like pot plants, then you should turn to a proper office removals firm to help. Employees who injure themselves shifting items downstairs or through doorways could be out of work for some time, which will have a detrimental effect on your business. In the worst cases, they could even sue you for doing work which is outside of their contract. So if you are looking for an office removals firm, what are the main things to look out for?

Experience With Commercial Removals

Firstly, it should be said that an office removalist is a different sort of operator from a domestic removals firm. Although many of the larger companies will undertake both sorts of jobs, you should ensure that the firm you are considering hiring has experience with commercial removals. This is because the requirements of most office relocations are very different from house clearances, for example. After all, you are likely to need to have your new office up and running within a day or two, something which homeowners don't really need to worry about.

Make Sure They Are Available

Many removals jobs take place in the middle of the week. However, since office removals tend to be needed at the weekend, you should make sure that your chosen firm is available when you want them. In some cases, you will have access to your new office a few days before you need to move out of your current one. In such circumstances, check that the firm you are considering hiring will be able to help you move as much as possible beforehand to take the pressure off your moving weekend. Only key IT infrastructure, such as your computer network and your business telephone system should be left until the last moment so that you can continue to respond to your customers' requests before reopening the following Monday.

Confirm Insurance Cover

It is always worth checking that any office removals firm has proper insurance. When you are relocating, sometimes expensive items are broken or even go astray. Even the best removals companies suffer from accidents in this regard. However, without adequate insurance, you will not be able to make a claim for them. Remember that your belongings will be taken out into the street and loaded so, in many cases, this means that proper public liability insurance should be a standard offering as well.

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17 January 2020

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