Moving a Piano? Here is Everything You Need to Know


Moving a piano is no easy feat, whether you have an upright or grand model. A piano is a significant investment, and you should try and protect it at all costs during transit. While you may be inclined to save removal costs by moving your piano by yourself, you can end up spending much more on repairs.

Moving a Piano by Yourself

Moving a piano is a complex affair because the instrument is both bulky and delicate. Pianos are top-heavy, which means that their legs are light and fragile. If you and your friends try and pick it up, there is always a risk of serious injury. You need at least four people to pick and move the piano to the truck. If your home has many obstacles or if the piano is large, you will need a larger team for the move. You can hire piano removalists to avoid all this trouble.

Calling in the Professionals

Your piano is no doubt the centrepiece of your living room, and you should only entrust it to expert piano removalists. Keep in mind that pianos damage easily; one wrong move or bump can mean thousands of dollars in repairs. Professionals are able to keep heavy lifting at a minimum by using dollies, ramps, and trolleys. Equipment like stair climbers is essential when moving your piano up and down staircases. Your piano will also need to be wrapped with heavy-duty blankets for the move.

Skilled piano removalists will secure your piano in a specialised truck for maximum protection during the journey. A piano's awkward shape and uneven weight distribution necessitate special moving equipment to ensure it reaches its destination in perfect shape. 

Preparing Your Piano for Moving

You can facilitate a seamless move by clearing the route for the piano removalists. Remove any rugs, plants, toys, and furniture on the path, and ensure that the professionals can access the piano.

Do not disassemble the piano as the experts will carefully remove parts like casters, legs, and lyre to make it easier to move. You should also have a moving plan that includes preparing your new place for your instrument.

Calculating the Costs

Piano removal costs vary from state to state, with residents in Western Australia paying up to $126/hr on average. Queensland residents pay lower prices at $79/hr on average, whilst the average costs in Victoria are around $90/hr. Piano removal costs will generally depend on moving distance, weight, access, and specialist skills. You will also pay more for any special instructions you have for the team. 

Reach out to furniture removalists in your area to see if they can move your piano.


25 November 2020

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