3 Reasons to Keep Belongings in Storage During Restumping


Inheriting a house from parents or grandparents has many benefits. The property can improve your financial position, and there is joy in owning and taking care of a loved one's gift. However, if a house was built on timber stumps and some parts show signs of deterioration, you should think about restumping before selling it or moving in. Unfortunately, restumping can be a slow and gruelling process of furniture and other appliances are in a house. The best approach is to hire storage services to keep your furniture and appliances during a restumping project. Here are the reasons to do it.

1. Speeds Up the Restumping Project

If you're sticking with a budget, you don't want the project to go on longer than expected. However, it is tricky if everything is still inside a house because it becomes heavier and requires more jacks to support the floor. Installing jacks takes time, causing a project to slow down. If you remove furniture and appliances and take them to a storage facility, a restumping project will take less time. An empty house is lighter and does not need numerous jacks to lift and support it. Additionally, a contractor can move freely in an empty house, ensuring faster completion.

2. Reduces Clean-Up

Sawdust, soil, and waste timber make restumping a messy activity. Therefore, when a contractor is done with the whole process, they must clean the floor and clear the space below the bottom to make it accessible for other contractors such as plumbers. It is an easy exercise because workers do not have to worry about cleaning additional items in a house. Notably, belongings such as furniture, curtains, plates, curtains, and blinds will collect debris if you leave them inside a house. Once damaged stumps have been replaced, you need a professional cleaner to take care of the dirt and debris, settling on the surfaces. It will cost more money than the amount you would have paid for storage services.

3. Protects Belongings

The entire restumping process involves raising and lowering a house at specific points to remove old and install new stumps. It puts your belongings at risk of damage if proper care is not taken. For instance, poorly secured antic stools, vases, or framed pictures can come crashing down as a contractor lifts one side of a house to install a new stump. While you can store the belongings in another room with less disturbance, you should not take any chances. The best strategy is to hire storage space to ensure that everything of value is kept safe.

For more information about the process, contact restumping companies. 


24 February 2021

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