How To Get The Most Out Of Your Self Storage Unit


Self-storage units have become an essential component of any home or business. The units enable homeowners and businesses to declutter their premises, eliminating the need to hire a larger home or office. If you intend to hire a self-storage unit, the extract below offers some valuable tips to help you make the most out of your unit. 

Consider Storage Companies The Offer Complimentary Services

Your guiding principle when choosing any service provider is that you should get value for every penny spent. Most people will choose a self-storage company based on the location of the unit and their monthly charges. However, examine the availability of extra services such as assistance with transport and packing, onsite offices and long-term parking. Although you may incur an additional charge for these services, you will enjoy the convenience of storing your items in the unit. Some companies also have full-service self-storage that eliminates the need to visit your unit to retrieve items. 

Inspect The Unit

Inspect the unit to ensure it is as the company promised. Start by ascertaining if it is the right size. Remember, a few square metres can go a long way in keeping the unit spacious. Then, ensure that the unit was disinfected after the previous tenant vacated. Inspect the walls to ensure they do not have cracks that could let in dust, humidity or overwork the refrigerated unit. 

Assess The Terms Of The Rental Company

The self-storage company should have attractive terms. For instance, some companies will give significant discounts to customers who opt for long-term storage. Others will insure your items against fires, floods and theft. It would also be wise to ensure you comply with the storage terms. For instance, you could be prohibited from storing ammunition and drugs in the unit. Besides, the storage company could auction your items if you default on your monthly payments without explanations. 

Make Maximum Use Of The Space

Below are a few ways that you can maximise every bit of your storage unit:

  • Place bulky items that you rarely need at the far corner of your storage unit.
  • Install shelves on one side of the unit. Doing so will enable you to store small-sized items that you regularly need or those you do not wish to keep inside a box.
  • Label each of the boxes and create an inventory to ensure that you can trace every item in your storage unit.
  • Declutter the unit every few months to get rid of items you may consider unnecessary. For example, you could dispose of a box of winter clothing if you move to a warm area. 

When hiring a self-storage unit, inquire about complimentary services, inspect the unit, assess the rental terms and make maximum use of space. To learn more, contact a self-storage facility. 


22 September 2021

Storing my stuff while I'm on exchange

I'm going on a year of foreign exchange, so I am moving all of my stuff into a storage unit until I get back so I can save money on rent. I don't have much money so I am trying to do this for as little money as possible as I want to make sure that I know the best way to pack things to save space and get the smallest possible unit. This blog has some of the tricks that I have picked up in packing my household in the most space-efficient way and should be useful for anyone else packing up a household for storage.