3 Ways To Make Your New Furniture Delivery Go Smoothly


Getting new furniture can be really exciting, whether you've ordered a comfortable sofa, a full-sized bed or a wardrobe. However, the actual delivery day can sometimes be a little stressful. This article explains three practical things you can do to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Make Sure Your Old Furniture Is Gone

Before your new furniture is delivered, you should probably get rid of your old furniture. This is especially true for big pieces of furniture such as beds or sofas, where you won't have room for two at the same time. At the very least, move your old furniture out of the way or dismantle it, so the people delivering your furniture have more room to manoeuvre. You might want to spend some time working out how to get rid of your old furniture, as you may be able to donate it to a charity or give it away (or even sell it) if it's in decent condition.

Ensure That You Measured Your Space

You should also make sure that you measured the space available for your new furniture, and be completely sure that the new piece will fit. You could do this by measuring the floor space you have available, or even by measuring your old furniture and choosing something of a similar size. If you don't know how to measure furniture, there is a lot of information online — for example, the Spruce explains how to measure a sofa. Properly measuring will also prevent any awkward moments where you can't fit the new furniture into a space, or it doesn't look as you expected. You may also want to measure the doorways and hallways in your home to make sure the furniture can be moved through them.

Clear The Way For Your Furniture Delivery

Finally, on the day of your furniture delivery, you should make sure the path from your front door to the furniture's location is cleared. Move any ornaments that are along the path, and any clutter on the floor to avoid trips and accidents. You might also want to pick up any rugs to prevent tripping or furniture getting caught. Give the area a good hoover, as it'll be more difficult after the furniture arrives. Finally, keep your kids and pets out of the way as the furniture is being delivered so that the process can be quick and efficient.

By making sure your old furniture is dealt with in advance, ensuring that your new furniture is the right size and shape for your space and clearing clutter out of the way, you can ensure that your new furniture delivery is a positive experience.

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7 July 2022

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