Organising Your Self-Storage Space


Getting the most out of your storage space means organising it effectively. Good organisation is about more than just cramming as much stuff into the available space as possible; it's about making your self-storage unit easier to use. In order to achieve this goal, start the day you move your belongings into storage.  Basic storage If you're like most people, most of what you move into storage will be in cardboard moving boxes or resealable plastic tubs.

23 March 2020

What Should You Look For In An Office Removalist?


If you are relocating your business to a new address, then the likelihood is that you will need an office removalist to help you. Very small enterprises, perhaps with one or two employees only, can sometimes undertake such work themselves. However, as soon as you start to consider moving IT equipment, office desks, old filing cabinets full of papers and even things like pot plants, then you should turn to a proper office removals firm to help.

17 January 2020