Reason Why an Experienced Removalist Should Be Part of Your Office Moving Plans


As your business grows, you might want to move to a more spacious office. But unlike your previous relocation, you could have more furniture and appliances to move this time around. In that case, you will need more time and personnel to move all the stuff to the new office. Even if you have enough workers to do the job, they might lack essential packing and moving skills. Moreover, the stress of meeting moving deadlines might complicate your office relocation plans.

20 July 2021

Getting Your Home Ready for Furniture Delivery


New furniture delivery isn't the same as any old delivery. It's not as though you can just open the door and accept a new couch or dining room set. So, how should you prepare for the arrival of new furniture? The Importance of Measuring You will need to have taken precise measurements of the space where the new item will be placed. This is less relevant with open plan living, where there are no immediate confines for the placement of your new furniture, even when its dimensions exceed its predecessor.

7 May 2021

3 Reasons to Keep Belongings in Storage During Restumping


Inheriting a house from parents or grandparents has many benefits. The property can improve your financial position, and there is joy in owning and taking care of a loved one's gift. However, if a house was built on timber stumps and some parts show signs of deterioration, you should think about restumping before selling it or moving in. Unfortunately, restumping can be a slow and gruelling process of furniture and other appliances are in a house.

24 February 2021