Why Hire a Furniture Removalist Company for Your Next Change of Residences?


Changing residences can be stressful for anyone, even if you live in a small apartment and don't own many things that you need to pack up and take with you. It can become even more difficult if you live in a large home and need to move years and years worth of accumulated items.

While you might think that you can handle this move on your own and may hesitate to pay someone to actually help you, it's good to think about the benefits and advantages of a company of furniture removalists during this time:

1. Items can be packed properly

A furniture removalist company typically doesn't just move your items, but they can help with packing and may even be able to store items long before your move. This can ensure that items are packed properly, so that they are protected during a move and so that you can continue to store them after your move, if you choose.

As an example, you may want to store away artwork, clothes you no longer wear, and mementos from your childhood rather than take them with you when downsizing a home, and having them packed properly can ensure that they stay safe while in storage. A furniture removalist company can often help with choosing the right type of tissue paper to use for packing clothes and artwork, and can provide wrap and other materials that will protect even the most delicate items.

2. Packing materials can be disposed of properly

After you arrive in your new home you need to then unpack and dispose of the packing materials. Tossing out items like Styrofoam peanuts and inflated plastic bubble wrap can be very harmful to the environment, and of course it takes just as long to unpack as it does to pack. When you hire a furniture removalist company, they may not only help with unpacking but they can also dispose of the packing materials. Very often they recycle or reuse Styrofoam and other packing materials so they don't go to waste or wind up in landfill. If you're very Eco-conscious, you get peace of mind that your packing materials are handled.

3. Other services offered

A furniture removalist company may offer more services than you know of, or may be able to coordinate contractors to handle certain aspects of your move. This can include cleaners who prepare your new home or clean your old home after you've moved, along with painters and other contractors. Having them at your disposal can mean making your move that much easier on you overall.


15 June 2015

Storing my stuff while I'm on exchange

I'm going on a year of foreign exchange, so I am moving all of my stuff into a storage unit until I get back so I can save money on rent. I don't have much money so I am trying to do this for as little money as possible as I want to make sure that I know the best way to pack things to save space and get the smallest possible unit. This blog has some of the tricks that I have picked up in packing my household in the most space-efficient way and should be useful for anyone else packing up a household for storage.