Considerations When Hiring a Furniture Removalist


Moving to a new estate or city can be a tedious and exhausting experience. It gets worse if you have to do it on your own. One of the ways of making this process as smooth and stress-free as possible is hiring a furniture removalist. This is a company that specializes with removal and transportation of furniture and appliances during the moving process.

Smart moving is not only about hiring a furniture removalist to take care of the job, but also ensuring that it is done efficiently and cost-effectively. When hiring a furniture removal company, the following important factors should be considered.

Accreditation by AFRA

The furniture removalist you hire should be accredited by the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA). This ensures that they meet certain standards that pertain to moving equipment, vehicles and training of personnel to ensure professionalism in business.

Cost of moving

The cost of furniture removal is one of the major factors that come into play. While different removal companies charge differently for their services, the following factors determine the price that you are likely to pay.

  • Transit insurance. This is an insurance cover that offers coverage for your furniture and other equipment before and during the transit period. The cost of transit insurance may be included or excluded from the quote you are given. Inquire about this to avoid any additional costs once the contract is signed.
  • Quantity of items. If you are having everything else other than your furniture moved, you may be required to pay more for the services. This is because the process of removal and packaging becomes difficult if it involves more household items.
  • Duration of removal. Some companies offer furniture removal services at an hourly rate. In this case, it is wise to have everything in order before the movers come to ensure you minimize on the time they spend moving, which translates to lower costs.

It pays off to compare quotes from different companies based on these factors to determine one with the most affordable rates.

Scope of services

Furniture removalists offer different kinds of services, with some offering furniture shifting and packing services only, while others offer removal, packing and storage services. Some few companies may not offer transportation services. If you need a place to have your items stored before settling in a new place, you may consider a company that offers storage services as well for convenience.

Before settling with a furniture removalist, ensure you read the contract clearly and ask for clarification regarding any unclear clauses and additional fees that could increase the cost of furniture removal and transportation.

Contact a professional removalist, such as Gormans Removals, and inquire about their services and pricing.


27 October 2015

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