Residential Move? Here's What To Ask For


Planning a successful residential move is an art of sorts. Many times, there's so much to do when planning to move to a new address. From calling up utility companies to inform them of the move to packing fragile household items, a homeowner can easily get overwhelmed.

Of the various things that need to be done when planning a residential move, hiring the right moving company is perhaps the most important. This article discusses a few things that every homeowner should ask for before they enlist the services of a residential moving company.

A Binding Quote

Many times, moving companies will offer an initial quote for the service(s) to be rendered. A large number of prospective clients will choose the moving company/specialist whose initial quote features the lowest hourly rate for service provision. While this may be a perfectly fine decision, it should be noted that residential/commercial moves will rarely stick to the time schedule indicated in the initial quote. In the event that the move takes longer than had been expected, the client may find him/herself paying much more for the services rendered in the form of spiraling costs.

The binding quote is designed to protect clients from the kind of scenario discussed above. When a moving company/specialist issues a binding quote (s)he will first evaluate the scope of work involved in the move before giving a maximum figure for all services to be rendered. The binding quote prohibits the mover from charging anything more than the maximum figure quoted regardless of what happens during the move.

Evidence Of Fleet Tracking And Management

A prospective client should also ask for evidence that their preferred moving company treats the question of fleet tracking with utmost seriousness.

A moving company that invest in proper fleet tracking and management is basically trying to assure their clients that it does not leave anything to chance in the manner in which the company conducts business.

Satellite-based fleet tracking and management systems are preferred for moving companies because they allow for up-to-the minute monitoring of moving vehicles on transit.

Evidence Of Relevant Licenses

This is an especially important for those moving from one state to another. Moving companies that provide inter-state services must be licensed to transact business in both jurisdictions (i.e. the destination of origin and the final/new destination).

Under normal circumstances, a reputable moving company/removalists will not hesitate to present a prospective client with the above-mentioned items.


29 April 2016

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