How to Protect Artwork in a Self-Storage Units


When you store items in a self-storage unit, you often place them in boxes or plastic bins and simply find a place they will fit. While this is good for a lot of items, artwork needs a little more care and attention. Here are some tips for storing artwork in self-storage units that keeps them protected.

Start With a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Part of keeping your artwork protected in a storage facility is knowing what type of unit to choose. Don't just choose any unit, since most of them have the potential to damage your artwork. You want to have a unit that is climate-controlled and preferably not on the ground floor. When the unit is on the ground floor, there is a risk of flood from a rain, where the water might seep into the unit on the ground. There also tends to be a greater risk of pests on the ground than when you have a unit on a higher level. Climate control will help to reduce humidity and moisture that would otherwise ruin your artwork and prints.

Cover the Artwork Properly

You should never put paintings in a storage unit as-is without covering them. Wrapping the artwork helps to provide a protective layer from pests, dust, and moisture in the air. You want the artwork cover to protect it from these elements, but still allow the air to circulate. For this reason, you shouldn't use anything made of plastic, including bubble wrap. Instead, consider a combination of tissue paper, foam, and blankets for protection.

Keep the Artwork Off the Ground

While you are choosing a storage unit that is a little more protected from flood damage, you should still not place the artwork directly on the ground. It gets cold and there is still a risk of moisture or pest damage. Try to keep it stored upright, but on top of wood pallets. Storing the artwork upright ensures nothing falls over on top of it or you don't forget the artwork is laying on the table in your storage unit and place something heavy on top of it. Also make sure other items aren't too close to where your artwork is stored so nothing slides around and hits the paintings, thus causing them damage.

Be Careful When Transporting the Artwork

If you made sure to cover the artwork, it should have good protection while in the moving truck, but with a lot of heavy furniture and boxes, it is still at risk. Try to keep the artwork upright but in an open box to keep it in one place and free from falling over and getting damaged.

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21 June 2016

Storing my stuff while I'm on exchange

I'm going on a year of foreign exchange, so I am moving all of my stuff into a storage unit until I get back so I can save money on rent. I don't have much money so I am trying to do this for as little money as possible as I want to make sure that I know the best way to pack things to save space and get the smallest possible unit. This blog has some of the tricks that I have picked up in packing my household in the most space-efficient way and should be useful for anyone else packing up a household for storage.