Tips On Packing An Artificial Christmas Tree


Artificial Christmas trees have come a very long way since the silver tinsel and wire monstrosities of the 1970s. Modern fake trees are actually amazingly realistic and can be very expensive to buy. Packing your tree properly is therefore essential if it is to remain in good condition right through to next year and beyond. Simply stuffing your tree into a bin bag or its tatty old cardboard box just won't do!

Here are some top tips on how to safely pack your artificial Christmas tree.

What You Will Need

  • a willing helper
  • a roll of stretch plastic wrap
  • sharp scissors
  • Christmas tree storage bag

How to Do It

Wrapping Large, Sectional Trees

  1. Starting at the top of the tree, remove the highest section and put it on the ground.  
  2. Stand the section upright and ask your helper to push the tree branches upwards and into the centre of the tree. It will be much easier to wrap without spiky branches sticking out everywhere. 
  3. Take the roll of stretch plastic wrap and wrap the tree from the bottom to the top so that the branches are held flat against the tree's 'trunk'. When you reach the top of the section, cut the stretch wrap from the roll and stick the self-adhesive loose end to the top of the tree section package.  
  4. Now move on to the tree's larger sections. Remove each section, and wrap it as in step #3, working from the trunk at the bottom of the section to the top. You will need to ask your assistant to squeeze the tree branches really tight against the central trunk as you wrap.  
  5. When all the tree's sections are wrapped, place the whole thing into a special Christmas tree storage bag, available from good storage services suppliers or online. A Christmas tree storage bag will protect your tree from damp and nibbling pests much more efficiently than a battered cardboard box!

Smaller, One-Piece Trees

Small Christmas trees that come in one piece can be wrapped in one stage by following the instructions above, steps #2 and #3.

In conclusion

You can make packing away your artificial Christmas tree an easy and hassle-free task by following the guidelines given above. Remember to keep any stretch wrapping safe for next year.

You should be able to obtain all the supplies that you need for this job from a local packing supplies or storage services company.


29 December 2016

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