How you can use modular storage to liven up your home or workplace


Gone are the days of boring, predictable drawers. Modular storage units offer colourful and vibrant decor that feels fresh and fun. However, if a monochrome palette is more to your taste, the simplicity of black and white shelves can also give a room an unsurpassed level of style and class.

Where shelves have traditionally been very plain and consistent in terms of size and aspect ratio, the trend of subverting this by using differently sized drawers has gained a lot of traction in recent years. It's not just the ratios, either, as many new and bold designs feature shapes such as rhomboids or curved squares. However, perhaps the best thing about modular storage is the flexibility and dynamism that it provides when designing a room from scratch. For instance, if you were designing the interior decor of a beach house, you might use some blue hues to complement the beach colour scheme when painting a particular room; the same idea can be applied to the selection – or designing of – modular storage.

In a modern home that values elegance and minimalism, a pure white colour scheme for a modular storage unit will work with almost all conceivable designs and colour schemes. Alternatively, if you have a penchant for organic, easygoing living, a wire-framed exterior that has no back gives a vibe of freedom and contentment. Finally, if you want to give a room a playful vibe – especially for the bedrooms of children – then mixing and matching different colours and shapes can definitely achieve this.

Also, when it comes to office space, the desire for workplace environments that feel comfy and refreshing have become increasingly trendy since the advent of the dot-com era. Instead of old-school shelving units that are awkwardly placed and uninspired, a bright and boldly designed modular storage unit can make a workplace feel much more relaxed and inviting. Because, at the end of the day, having people enjoy their work means better productivity and employee satisfaction. An excellent (and famous) example of a workplace being transformed into a fun and lively place is the Googleplex. In fact, the Googleplex isn't just renowned for its fun and friendly atmosphere; its colour scheme utilises some interesting colour tones and wood grains, and its bold interior design means that their creative and vibrant modular storage units feel completely natural within the context of a similarly designed office space.

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10 January 2017

Storing my stuff while I'm on exchange

I'm going on a year of foreign exchange, so I am moving all of my stuff into a storage unit until I get back so I can save money on rent. I don't have much money so I am trying to do this for as little money as possible as I want to make sure that I know the best way to pack things to save space and get the smallest possible unit. This blog has some of the tricks that I have picked up in packing my household in the most space-efficient way and should be useful for anyone else packing up a household for storage.