3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Moving Boxes


Moving your home or office is no mean feat, and depending on the size and scope of the process, it can feel quite overwhelming. Choosing the right moving boxes is one crucial factor you must observe. While there are hundreds of moving firms, a reliable one will offer professional help when seeking superior packaging solutions. 

Here are three crucial factors to consider when choosing the right moving boxes.

How Durable Are They?

You may easily opt to walk in your local grocery store and pick cardboard boxes that are usually offered freely. However, one disadvantage of most of these boxes is that they are quite flimsy and can't guarantee enough protection of your valuable items during the move. The best thing to do, however, would be to work with a moving service that focuses on providing packaging solutions. They can provide double-lined, heavy-duty boxes that are more secure for handling fragile items.

What Size Is Required?

You may go with simple grocery boxes less than 1.5 cubic feet to handle minor items like stationery. However, you'll realize that some items require bigger boxes to move. Large items such as pillows require 4.5-cubic-foot boxes to fit comfortably. Furthermore, essential household items require specific boxes such as dishes and fine cookware require a dish pack. In this scenario, it's recommended to use dividers for more protection. For large appliances, it's advisable to use 6.0-cubic-foot boxes or higher. An important trick is to measure your item size and add a little margin of error, just in case. 

How Many do You Require?

Experts advise a slight overestimate of your packaging requirements to ensure you have extra boxes in case of unforeseen events or breakages. Remember, you may need 20-30 boxes for a room full of items. Additionally, consider other aspects such as the number of occupants in your home, the number of items and much more. Most people tend to stockpile unnecessary, obsolete items in their storage rooms that would be better donated, recycled or discarded. Only consider valuable items and work out all details required early enough. In case you have too many items to move, consider using secondhand packing cartons to cut on extra costs. 


It's always beneficial to work with a professional moving company that provides premium packing solutions. A reliable moving service will provide exceptional packing and unpacking options to relocate you in style. They understand the type of moving boxes required for any household items you have.


14 November 2019

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I'm going on a year of foreign exchange, so I am moving all of my stuff into a storage unit until I get back so I can save money on rent. I don't have much money so I am trying to do this for as little money as possible as I want to make sure that I know the best way to pack things to save space and get the smallest possible unit. This blog has some of the tricks that I have picked up in packing my household in the most space-efficient way and should be useful for anyone else packing up a household for storage.