Getting Your Home Ready for Furniture Delivery


New furniture delivery isn't the same as any old delivery. It's not as though you can just open the door and accept a new couch or dining room set. So, how should you prepare for the arrival of new furniture?

The Importance of Measuring

You will need to have taken precise measurements of the space where the new item will be placed. This is less relevant with open plan living, where there are no immediate confines for the placement of your new furniture, even when its dimensions exceed its predecessor. It's an issue when the item will be placed in a corner or between other items. Be sure that your new piece of furniture will fit in its desired location by taking careful measurements well before the delivery truck arrives.

The Possible Obstructions

In addition to measuring the space where the new item will be placed, you need to have an approximate idea of any obstructions that can make its ultimate placement difficult. It can be helpful to note any problematic angles or access points that the new furniture must be carried through. This can include door placement and stairways. Additionally, it can be necessary to clear a path for the delivery team by temporarily repositioning obstacles, such as small pieces of furniture in a hallway. In spaces with reduced clearance, you may even need to temporarily remove artwork from the walls and even light fittings from the ceiling.

The Item to Be Replaced

In many (if not most) cases, the new piece of furniture will be to replace an existing item. That existing item needs to be moved prior to the delivery of its replacement. It can never be assumed that the delivery company will remove the old item. This service might not be on offer, and when it's possible, it must be arranged in advance and can be subject to an additional fee. You will generally need to make your own arrangements, but the priority is to move the item from its position to permit the delivery of its replacement. Disassemble it, if possible. Take advantage of the temporary emptiness of the space by thoroughly cleaning the spot, while being careful not to leave the floor damp (and slippery).

The team delivering your new furniture are professionals, but they're not miracle workers, and you need to be sure that your home is ready to safely receive the new item.

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7 May 2021

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