Two reasons why people often use removalists' packing services when they move


Here are some reasons why people often choose to use the packing services provided by removalists when they move.

Breakages and other types of damage are unlikely to occur

One reason why this packing service is popular amongst those who hire removalists is that it can reduce the chances of a person's possessions being broken or sustaining any other type of damage. This is because, due to the training they receive and their extensive experience, removals teams know how to pack items in a way that facilitates their safe transportation.

For example, when people pack their own possessions, they often make small blunders that can have serious results. They might, for instance, forget to tightly screw on the caps of their liquid toiletries or not bother wrapping some cling film around the caps as an extra precaution; this can result in these liquids seeping through the boxes they were packed in and leaking all over the adjacent boxes and their contents. Likewise, they might not pack items into a box according to their weight, with the heaviest items underneath the lighter ones, and may instead toss things like their hefty tools or dumbbells on top of their shoes, and leave the latter squashed, misshapen and scuffed.

Removalists, on the other hand, will take every precaution they know of to ensure their client's items are safely packed; they will not only check that all liquids and food items are tightly sealed, and add additional tape to them if they're likely to leak, but will also pack items by their weight, carefully wrap delicate objects like glassware and add extra tape to heavier boxes to stop them from collapsing whilst they are loading them. This means that when a person gives this task to their removalists, they needn't have any concerns about items getting damaged due to careless packing.

The days before the move will be easier

If a person packs their items themselves, they usually need to do most of the packing shortly before they move; they normally need to use most of their belongings right up until their moving date. As such, even if a person is well-organised and likes to plan ahead, they'll still end up with a lot of packing to do in the days before they move. This can be challenging, as most people have many other things they need to get done during this period, too; this might include doing small repairs and cleaning up their current property, visiting the new property, dealing with paperwork related to their move and providing organisations and people with their new address.  

However, those who have their removalists pack their belongings often find this period much easier to deal with, as the elimination of the time-consuming and daunting task of packing means that they have fewer jobs to get done and can do the tasks they're left with to a much higher standard, due to feeling less rushed and under pressure.


28 March 2022

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