Organising Your Self-Storage Space


Getting the most out of your storage space means organising it effectively. Good organisation is about more than just cramming as much stuff into the available space as possible; it's about making your self-storage unit easier to use. In order to achieve this goal, start the day you move your belongings into storage.  Basic storage If you're like most people, most of what you move into storage will be in cardboard moving boxes or resealable plastic tubs.

23 March 2020

What Should You Look For In An Office Removalist?


If you are relocating your business to a new address, then the likelihood is that you will need an office removalist to help you. Very small enterprises, perhaps with one or two employees only, can sometimes undertake such work themselves. However, as soon as you start to consider moving IT equipment, office desks, old filing cabinets full of papers and even things like pot plants, then you should turn to a proper office removals firm to help.

17 January 2020

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Moving Boxes


Moving your home or office is no mean feat, and depending on the size and scope of the process, it can feel quite overwhelming. Choosing the right moving boxes is one crucial factor you must observe. While there are hundreds of moving firms, a reliable one will offer professional help when seeking superior packaging solutions.  Here are three crucial factors to consider when choosing the right moving boxes. How Durable Are They?

14 November 2019

How you can use modular storage to liven up your home or workplace


Gone are the days of boring, predictable drawers. Modular storage units offer colourful and vibrant decor that feels fresh and fun. However, if a monochrome palette is more to your taste, the simplicity of black and white shelves can also give a room an unsurpassed level of style and class. Where shelves have traditionally been very plain and consistent in terms of size and aspect ratio, the trend of subverting this by using differently sized drawers has gained a lot of traction in recent years.

10 January 2017

Tips On Packing An Artificial Christmas Tree


Artificial Christmas trees have come a very long way since the silver tinsel and wire monstrosities of the 1970s. Modern fake trees are actually amazingly realistic and can be very expensive to buy. Packing your tree properly is therefore essential if it is to remain in good condition right through to next year and beyond. Simply stuffing your tree into a bin bag or its tatty old cardboard box just won't do!

29 December 2016

Key Considerations to Make When Selecting Packing Boxes for Your House Move


Before embarking on your house move, it is important to ensure you have the right packing supplies for the job. One of the must-haves are boxes for your packaging needs. The same way there are several different types of household items, there are different varieties of boxes that can be used for your household moving. Typically, you will need a mix of different types of boxes when you are moving house.

26 December 2016

Why going with a professional removal service is a good idea when moving


Moving homes or office buildings can be a stressful and lengthy process, often marked by furniture that doesn't fit in your car, friends that bail despite promising to help you on moving day, and what seems like dozens of back and forth trips between two or more locations, sometimes a great distance apart. While it may cost you more than doing it all on your own, hiring a professional removal service to do the majority of your moving for you can save you a world of headaches and unforeseen setbacks.

19 December 2016